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Face Value

Exhibition & Poster

This exhibit is an intriguing showcase of the history of the world through the conduit of playing cards. At the forefront of many cultural shifts and rebellions, playing cards were a symbol for freedom and independance. Through various symbolic depictions, I hope to show why these cards have endured through the centuries, what their allure is, and how people have used them to transform society.


• Adobe Illustrator

• Adobe Photoshop

• Procreate

Mockup-Wall1 2.png


In keeping with the theme, the environmental designs have gritty, torn texture and what look to be once vibrant tones. it plays upon a historical aesthetic while showcasing cards from various cultures and time periods. 


I wanted something that would attract attention and be kind of playful. So incorporating colors from the cards themselves and having inviting patterns livens up an exhibit that is ultimately about history.


The purpose of this exhibit is to showcase the unknown depth that paying cards have in history and I wanted to create a look that reflected that by using layers. I started by sketching out letterforms onto a sheet of Bristol Board paper and tearing the letters out by hand. I then photographed the final product and photoshoped it lightly to improve the lighting and texture. 


The tatered look represents the struggles faced during major cultural shifts, as well as the fact that cards were illegal throughout much of history. I chose the font FELL Great Primer as my base for the logotype andit is also my primary typeface for the rest of the branding. The Old Style typeface is reminescence of the signature style of type used on cards during the French Revolution and add aditional histoical continuity.

Title graphics.png
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