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Web Design & Brand Refresh

Padrón & Co. had been working with LUMINARE for a while on various brand collateral, conference material, and even their previous website before LUMINARE came to us to ask for a change in their brand identity. LUMINARE's marketing team realized that their core website audience was medical professionals at their conferences who viewed their website primarily on their phone when attending these events. They wanted to make their website design mobile-first, optimized for targeting those individuals, and update the brand to be sleeker and more modern. I worked closely with the LUMINARE team to create a new website for them that matched those needs and continued to work with them to flesh out their new brand style through various conference material and brand collateral.


• Adobe Illustrator

• Adobe InDesign

• Wordpress + Elementor


Luminare-AdobeStock_373278882 2.png

New Website

The new website boasts a clean, minimalist design that makes LUMINARE's message the key focus. While viewers could scroll down the page, we implemented an arrow that encouraged viewers to move the the next section almost like a slide presentation. Each segment is made to fit within an average phone's viewport size so each section shows all of the key information clearly and quickly for medical professionals on the move at a conference.

Over my time working at Padrón & Co. I continued to work with the LUMINARE team to update the site as their new brand needs developed and their marketing language changed, so that the website stayed relevant to their goals.

Old Website


LUMINARE's previous website was built and designed by Padrón & Co. before I joined their team, and focused on the medical technology LUMINARE created to help address various issues they saw in hospitals. When LUMINARE came to us for the redesign, they were pivoting the company to focus more on their sepsis detection software and wanted that to be the primary focus of the new website.

Additionally, while the website was built to be mobile friendly—as all of the sites built by Padrón & Co. are—it was not made with mobile-first viewing in mind.


Conference Booths & Material Design

For LUMINARE's tradshows and conferences, I worked closely with their marketing director, Taylor Gahm on graphics specific to their venues and booths to create materials that were aligned with their new brand style and conveyed their message in a clear way. Below are several mockups to show to LUMINARE's team for visual reference when putting the final booths together as well as other items that were printed for each conference.

HLTH mockUp-2-White.png
IMG_1534-2 2.jpg
IMG_2016-2 2.jpg
Interop MP Kiosk 1.png
TWR-Standing Banners-2.png

Brand Material and Case Studies

Through LUMINARE's brand pivot, I developed new Case Studies and "One-Sheet" flyers for their informational material in addition to giving them new brand material such as email signatures and business cards.

Open Page  02  (single).png

Over the course of the 2 years that I worked with LUMINARE, I formatted several multi-page documents that included custom charts, graphs, and icons.

Cover Page 02  (two).png
Front and Back Cover 02 (single).png
Last Page Open 01 (single).png

I additionally helped LUMINARE in creating social media posts for Sepsis Awareness Month that helped to spur on the new brand design before the new brand was officially put in palace. This included new icons and a new way of displaying information to their audience, lead by shocking and attention-grabbing statistics that would become a trademark of their marketing efforts later on.

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