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Mavilian Financial Services

Website & Brand Refresh

When Avo Mavilian reached out to me initially, he had only wanted minor adjustments to his then current business card and logo. This relationship quickly evolved into full marketing materials and a brand new website. Over a few weeks, I put together mockups of each webpage in illustrator for approval, then built each in Wordpress.


• Adobe Illustrator

• Wordpress + Elementor


Responsive Mockup - Mavilian-Full.png



Previous to the name change, Mavilian Financial Services was once Tailwind —a nod to the term for the wind that propels a sailboat. The sailboat motif is followed throughout the brand, in its logo, imagery, and the wave-like slopes used on the website and in branded print materials.

While there were several changes from start to finish, the initial concept of the site remained relatively intact, and I was able to keep most o the core elements of the mockup in the final site.

Illustrator Mockup

Final Site

MavilianWebsite-Comp1-2_HOME 2.png

Introductory Package Brochure

Cover and Inside open 01.png
Cover and Inside open 02.png
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