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Originally a Design Com I class assignment to create trading cards for a fiction novel, this set of illustrations has evolved into a simple framed image of five distinct characters from Frank Baum's Oz series. For the class assignment, we were meant to work with two color schemes for four cards, but over time I have changed the color layouts to better fit the characters themselves. These illustrations were based on the beloved artwork for the Oz books by John R. Neil, Dorothy's hair color being a key distinction from the original Wizard of Oz book. The girls were the most original of the illustrations, being that they could be interpreted more, whereas the Woggle-Bug and Jack Pumpkinhead are very true to their original imaginings.

To create these, I first created a sketch of Dorothy with pencil and paper, then I translated that into Procreate and used her face as a template for Ozma and Jinjur. I then took the raster Procreate drawings and used Adobe Capture to vectorize them. Lastly, I used Adobe Illustrator to then add color and create the final cards.

Oz Cards

Oz Illustrations for Trading Cards



Adobe Capture

Adobe Illustrator

Speed Paintings


Progress Images