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Pocket Change

Pocket Equality Campaign

As a part of an assignment, I chose a more lighthearted topic: Pocket Equality. This campaign highlights the inequality between women’s pockets and men’s pockets in clothing. Often, women’s clothing do not even have pockets sewn in, forcing them to carry big, bulky purses, or if they do get pockets, they are small and virtually unusable. While at the same time, men get large pockets in multiple locations allowing for easy carrying items. 


• Adobe Illustrator

• Adobe Photoshop


Poster Campaign

This campaign would be to spread awareness and hopefully create enough of a commotion to influence the fashion industry to change their discriminatory ways. 


The joke behind the poster campaign is that so many women's pants are created without pockets or with pockets too small to use, so these women have sewn their own pockets onto their pants. 


Admittedly, it was difficult finding stock images with women who had their hands completely in their pockets, because so many of them had pockets that were too small, leaving only their fingers in their pockets and the rest of their hands falling out. This, in a way, furthers the point of this being an issue. But, I had to edit some of the images to create the impression that the pockets were bigger than they are when I created the new pockets for these posters.

Posters2_Poster 2.png
Posters2_Poster 4.png
Posters2_Poster 1.png
Posters2_Poster 3.png


My second campaign deliverable was merchandise promoting the cause. Each of these items utilizes the logo, even if in abstract ways.

Small Canvas Tote Bag MockUp.png
Small Canvas Tote Bag MockUp2.png
T-Shirt Mockup1.png
T-Shirt Mockup2.png
T-Shirt Mockup3.png
T-Shirt2 Mockup3.png
T-Shirt2 Mockup4.png
T-Shirt2 Mockup1.png

My final deliverable is a "Pocket Packet" which is a handout or takeaway that shows the different size comparisons of pockets with clothing tags showing statistics, but it can also be used as a clutch later.


Pocket Packet

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