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Graphics & Motion Media

Over the past three years, I have worked with Radiant Digital for the Chevron Corporation, creating a variety of designs and graphics for their training modules. Across 18 projects, I designed slide layouts, interactive elements, graphs, infographics, and motion media.


• Adobe Illustrator

• Adobe After Effects

• Adobe Photoshop



Geodesy was the first of many training modules that I’ve been able to work on and is possibly the most creative. Geodesy covers the topic of geodetic engineering. In the initial pitches to Chevron,
I created a corporate layout (one that matches Chevron’s branding guidelines) and was asked to make two creative layout concepts. Because they were pitches, these templates did not have any real content used for the training modules.

Tech Theme


The High-Tech theme was my creative pitch inspired by the technology that fuels Geodesy research. All of the elements were created in Illustrator from scratch except for the world map.

Park Theme

The Park Map theme was created from the developer’s suggestion. It is a theme geared towards the exploration aspect of Geodesy. I created this mock-up using ProCreate and hand-lettered the Geodesy Title.


Later on in the development phase,
I created a module map, course 
topics page with custom buttons, 
and graphics for navigating through the training module. Each button color corresponds with the color of theme the pages would show.

These final layouts were created using the Chevron Branding Guidelines with the addition of a progress bar at the bottom. The final layouts included variations of different core colors of the Chevron Branding scheme.

Final Corporate Proposals

ISD Awareness

This training module proposal consisted of two different corporate mockups and one creative mockup. The first corporate comp is based on Chevron's corporate branding while the second corporate proposal is based on a suggestion by the programer in-line with Chevron's branding guidelines.

This creative comp is inspired by the planning process and incorporated a sketchy, blueprint design. In order to create the design, I used Procreate and photographs provided by Chevron of their piping (the cover image valve was based on the one I made in Illustrator for the AIM proposal).

First Corporate Theme