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Padrón & Co.

Website & Brand Refresh

After working with Padrón & Co. for about 9 months, the founder, Gracie Padrón Steimle, asked me to address the company's brand refreshing efforts by re-examining our social media and then designing a new homepage for the company's transition from Padrón Design Studio to Padrón & Co. I was given full reign on design, but was influenced by the previous website in terms of content and inspired by the social media designs that were originally worked on by Gracie and Molly Metzger. The final website was put together by myself, mostly over one weekend. Subsequent Case Study pages were added with the help of Molly soon after. It was a fun website to design, because I had a lot of creative freedom, but also fun because I was able to shape and focus the company's new brand.


• Adobe Illustrator

• Wordpress + Elementor



Old Website

Screen Shot 2022-05-07 at 7.40.47 PM.png

With the former Padrón Design Studio brand design, there was always an organic theme, but one that sought to tell a brand's story in a way that is impactful—a very design-focused goal. I transformed those organic elements slightly to conveyed our attempt to helping a brand grow, which is more all-encompassing and the general direction of our agency changing from design to full marketing services.

New Website

The new website is more focused on Padrón & Co.'s services, rather than the agency's design capabilities which the old website focused too much on.


With this redesign, Padrón & Co.'s brand shines through with this unique, layered look.


Illustrator Mockup

Final Site

Padron - Homepage.png

The final site had some minor tweaks in layout with adjusted or added sections, but it ultimately is extremely close to my original concept.

Social Media Cleanup

Padron Social Media Guidelines D1.png
Padron Social Media Guidelines D1-2.png

Before the campaign to transform the Padrón & Co. website, I was asked to do a social media audit on our own social media platforms, to clean up, standardize, and beautify our social media presence. After I presented this social media audit, it was handed off to our copywriter/social media manager, Daryl Freedman, for implementation.

  • Overall inconsistant with new designs not matching older post style

  • Too many flat blocks of color without texture

  • Not enough mockups, and mockups that are there do not have a cohesive style

  • Photography and video is low-fidelity and in need of an HD appearance

  • Too many headshots or photos of people all together

  • Quotes are too much of a focus when close together

Old Social Content

After doing extensive research into competitors and other agencies, I saw similarities to more successful and pleasing to look at pages. I then presented options and showed comparisons between our then-current social media page and my prosed options.

Padron Social Media Guidelines D1-3.png

Old Instagram

Padron Social Media Guidelines D1-5.png

Proposed Instagram

Padron Social Media Guidelines D1-7.png
Padron Social Media Guidelines D1-4.png
Padron Social Media Guidelines D1-6.png
Padron Social Media Guidelines D1-8.png
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