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Prostate Laser Center

Website & Brand Update

In February of 2018, Dr. Ara Karamanian contacted me to create a variety of projects for him including three websites, the most important of which being for his private practice. Over the next few months, I worked at his office in the Houston Medical Center and developed an entirely redesigned website from scratch.


• Wordpress & Elementor Pro


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Muse


Website Design

In many ways, this project was a trial by fire. It was my first website for a client and my first time doing something so large through Wordpress, so I learned quite a lot through this process. 


The final website flows smoothly from full desktop size down to a condensed smartphone view with a custom menu and consultation bar.


Selected Full Pages


Additional elements I contributed to the website were infographics, custom icons, and photographs I took of the office space.



Below is progress work, starting from Prostate Laser Center's original website and the prototype

I created in Adobe Muse.


I started this project with rough sketches and then created a full prototype in Adobe Muse. The design was then recreated in Wordpress using Elementor Pro, a plug-in that essentially turned Wordpress into a more designer-friendly website building tool. Accompanying Elementor's native tools, I also used a lot of CSS to get things just the way I wanted them.


A particular challenge was the navigation bar. In my Muse prototype, I had very easily created a drop-down "mega menu" that changed format when the screen became smaller, but Wordpress was finicky. After a lot of trial and error, I eventually was able to recreate my idea using a combination of Elementor, Jet menu, and a lot of CSS.

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