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SpiritBox Films

Logo Design & Branding

Filmmaker, Devon Wagoner reached out to me about creating a brand for his burgeoning film company in early 2021, with a desire to reflect a classic horror film style and Victorian aesthetic. The name "SpiritBox" is derived from the paranormal research radio device of the same name, used by ghost hunters to ascertain 
sounds of a frequency only the radio can pick up. The combination of the Victoria aesthetic and the ghost box were the driving force in visualizing the film company's brand.


• Adobe Illustrator

SpiritBox_LogoVariations-For Portfolio-16.png

Final Logo Design

SpiritBox_LogoVariations-For Portfolio-07.png
SpiritBox_LogoVariations-For Portfolio-08.png
SpiritBox_LogoVariations-For Portfolio-16.png
SpiritBox_LogoVariations-For Portfolio-13.png
SpiritBox_LogoVariations-For Portfolio-10.png

Stacked Logo Color Variations

Horizontal Logo Color Variations

SpiritBox_LogoVariations-For Portfolio-17.png
SpiritBox_LogoVariations-For Portfolio-14.png
SpiritBox_LogoVariations-For Portfolio-02.png
SpiritBox_LogoVariations-For Portfolio-01.png
SpiritBox_LogoVariations-For Portfolio-11.png

Alternate Logo Option

SpiritBox_LogoVariations-For Portfolio-12.png
SpiritBox_LogoVariations-For Portfolio-09.png
SpiritBox_LogoVariations-For Portfolio-18.png
SpiritBox_LogoVariations-For Portfolio-15.png
SpiritBox_LogoVariations-For Portfolio-05.png

While this logo design was not ultimately chosen to be used, it was a logo design that was fleshed out and presented with consideration.

Business Cards

Since the final logo choice included the box motif, I wanted to let that influence the business card design as well. There were many variations of the business cards—all square—but the final design very simple compared to some of the others presented.

SpiritBox_LogoVariations-For Portfolio-07.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-07 at 4.15.42 PM.png

Card Mockups with Alternate Layout


Logo Variation Options

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